Helping large teams to Discover, Protect and Nurture their Reputation with clients

Pace is a unique fixed-question survey to measure client satisfaction of individual team members


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Measure People not Companies

Pace is based on a 30 second survey that was developed by a team of internationally recongnised Academics. We have identified the key questions needed to discover a person's reputation.

Zero Configuration

With Pace there is no complex setup. Just add your team and you're good to go. We've done all the hard work for you.

Actionable Insights

Pace provides data trends for each team member so you can take action by rewarding teams and protecting your reputation.

Beautifully Designed

We've worked hard to ensure that the Pace survey is increadibly easy to use. Clients take on average less than 30 seconds. Really!

"In business Reputation is the only currency that matters"

Benefits for Account Managers

  • Discover tremors in client satisfaction before it's to late
  • Reduce the risk customers perceive when buying
  • Provide access to better quality employees when recruiting
  • Increase employee job satisfaction

Your clients will love it

Asking clients for feedback has been proven to improve business relationships. It proves that you care about their experience and that you value their feedback.

How Pace works

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